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With our prompt professional service, our customers readily rely on Royal City Fire Supplies for their 24/7 fire & repair service. Our technicians provide the individual attention that customers come to expect. Customers can feel confident knowing they have access to a team with a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and equipment.  When you call Royal City Fire you can rest assured that our trained professionals will provide reliable plumbing services and repairs in a quick professional manner.



Fire can rip through a building at devastating speeds and having your fire system correctly operating is your fire line of defence! At Royal City Fire(RCF), we inspect, install, service, and maintain sprinkler and alarm systems for multi-family residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Protecting what matters most is what we do, reach out to us 24/7 and we will be happy to help. 

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Any property may need fire installations or modifications which can include both fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems. We at RCF have qualified staff to tackle any Residential Tenant Improvement, Commercial Renovation, or Industrial Work. We have ticketed sprinklerfitters and Electricians at the ready to help with any situation, big or small!



Nearly all plumbing and sprinkler water supplies will have backflow prevention to stop the flow of water from leaking back into the City supply. Our Inspections team makes sure that they are working properly while our Repairs team ensures we have your devices compliant year after year!



Fire Extinguishers are often the first thing we think of when we think of fire equipment. They keep your home, vehicle, commercial property, or industrial location safe to fight small fires. At Royal City Fire(RCF) we have a full-service shop that will recharge, refill, and re-build all types of fire extinguishers, dry chemicals, dry powder, CO2, foam, water, etc.

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